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From preparing your home for the market to final inspections to key delivery, we will find the most seamless and efficient way to sell, and walk through it with you.

Our Process

When it comes to selling your house, the right price matters. Competitive pricing generates the most activity from buyers and agents, while a price that’s too high can contribute to a longer stay on the market and, ultimately, a drop in price.

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We spend 3-5  hours doing real analysis and our results are extremely accurate. We use exact comps in your neighborhood and apply appraiser-like formulas & adjustments.
Historically our list prices are within 1 or 2% of the final sales price.


Staging is what creates a “wow factor” when a buyer walks through the door of your property. It’s what causes an emotional response and can often be an influence on whether or not an offer is made.

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From maximizing curb appeal to creating a clean and open interior, I will guide you on how to capture maximum buyer interest by highlighting the unique features of your house. Your custom staging plan even includes furniture and other accents to make your home impress every buyer.


The best way to maximize your profit is to have AS MANY EYES on your home as possible.

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Our marketing strategy includes professional videography and photography, virtual tours, SEO optimized web and social media advertising, and prominent featuring on over 300 property marketing websites, including Online Home Viewing Platforms

Concierge Service

The goal of prepping a home for market is to make a buyer walk into a home and be able to feel themselves living there.

We'll help you get there. Will has a way!



Simple Improvements

Some basic tweaks to the painting, hardware, and landscaping can make a big difference to the presentation of your house.


We work with a trusted contractor with good reputation to prepare your home to show.

Final Touches

We offer final touch services such as:

  • Full home cleaning from a professional cleaning service

  • Window cleaning to make the home bring in extra light

  • Carpet cleaning if needed

  • Complete home staging with pictures, real and artificial flowers throughout, and furniture if it will enhance the feel of the home


​We offer a few financing options for these services, including the option to pay for some or all of these services through Escrow. For more information:

With William Lau’s help our home was in ESCROW in just 6 days on the market.  Total of 42 agents came for a private viewing of the property and received a total of 16 offers. I was impressed to say the least!  William knew the climate of real estate in my area and guided me through various choices  to make to sell the house quickly.  To top it off, we sold the house $22K over the list price!

Seong Cho

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Sell your house.
There's a way.
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