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Understanding the Potential Decline in Mortgage Rates

As you dive into housing market discussions, you'll inevitably encounter topics like inflation and Federal Reserve decisions. But how exactly do these affect your plans to buy a home? Here’s the scoop:

Stalled Federal Funds Rate Hikes

The Federal Reserve aims to curb inflation, initially by raising the Federal Funds Rate to slow down economic growth. Although this doesn't directly control mortgage rates, it does exert an influence.

Recent indications show a cooling in inflation, suggesting that the rate hikes have been effective in reining it in. Consequently, the Fed's frequency and magnitude of hikes have diminished since July, and there hasn't been an increase since. The New York Times reported the Fed's stance:

"Federal Reserve officials have held interest rates steady in their final policy meeting of 2023, with plans to cut borrowing costs three times in the coming year, signaling a shift in their strategy against rapid inflation."

This suggests the Fed perceives an improvement in the economy and inflation. Why does this matter for aspiring homebuyers? It could lead to decreased mortgage rates and enhanced affordability.

Declining Mortgage Rates

Mortgage rates fluctuate due to various factors, with inflation and the Fed's actions significantly impacting them. The Fed's pause on rate hikes suggests a probable continuation of the downward trajectory for mortgage rates (as depicted in the graph).

Though mortgage rates might exhibit volatility, recent trends and expert forecasts suggest a potential continued decline throughout 2024. This projected decline could bolster affordability for buyers and offer flexibility to sellers eyeing a change without feeling constrained by existing low rates.

The Fed's decisions indirectly affect mortgage rates. With the Federal Funds Rate staying put, it's probable that mortgage rates will continue to decline. Rely on a dependable real estate professional to gain insights into how changes in the housing market might impact your plans.


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