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Key Questions to Ask Before Buying a Property with a Homeowners Association (HOA)

When contemplating a property purchase within a homeowners association (HOA), it's crucial to assess both the benefits and potential limitations. Here are vital questions to consider:

1. Benefits

-What amenities does the community offer, such as pools, fitness centers, and recreational spaces?

- Does the HOA cover tasks like mowing, snow removal, and pest control?

- How does the HOA handle repairs and maintenance for shared facilities and infrastructure?

2. Potential Restrictions

- Are there restrictions on interior and exterior remodeling projects? What approvals are required?

- What are the guidelines for yard maintenance and landscaping choices?

- Can you use your property as a rental? Are there limitations or approval processes for tenants?

- Are there restrictions on pet ownership in terms of numbers, breeds, or weight?

- Does the HOA permit home-based businesses?

- What are the rules for resident and visitor parking?

3. HOA Management

- Who serves on the HOA board? Is professional management involved?

- Review recent board minutes and financial statements. What projects are planned, and what are the financial reserves?

- How often have dues been raised or special assessments imposed?

Asking these questions helps you make an informed decision about the property and HOA before making a purchase.


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