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Discover the Charm of New Homes: Your Path to Dream Living

Are concerns about finding the perfect home hindering your plans to sell and move? It might be the ideal moment to explore the enticing advantages of newly built homes. Discover why considering a newly constructed residence could be the key to aligning your lifestyle with your dream home.

The Surge in Newly Built Homes

Newly built homes are gaining prominence in the current housing market, constituting a significant portion of available inventory. According to the latest National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) report:

"In November, newly built homes available for sale represented 31% of the total homes available, surpassing the historical average of approximately 12%."

This substantial increase in the percentage of newly built homes provides an array of choices for potential buyers. Moreover, recent Census data reveals a rise in both housing starts and completions, signifying an expanding market for new homes.

Lawrence Yun, Chief Economist at the National Association of Realtors (NAR), emphasizes the positive impact of increased home construction:

"With the housing shortage persisting in most markets . . . Another 30% rise in home construction can easily be absorbed in the marketplace . . ."

Benefits for You

Given the current scarcity of existing homes for sale, the surge in new-home construction offers a valuable advantage, providing more options for your search. Imagine the appeal of residing in a home that is entirely new – modern appliances, a fresh aesthetic, minimal maintenance requirements, and numerous other perks.

This dream might be more attainable than you think. Some builders are even offering incentives like mortgage rate buy-downs, helping homebuyers navigate affordability challenges and move into their dream homes. Patrick Duffy, Senior Real Estate Economist at U.S. News, notes:

"Builders have been using mortgage interest rate buydowns for many years as a sales incentive whenever interest rates are relatively high . . . Today more builders are offering rate buydowns for the entirety of the loan, allowing buyers to finance more home for the same payment amount."

Keep in mind that purchasing from a builder involves a unique process, and having a trusted real estate agent by your side is crucial. Your agent will serve as your guide, assisting with builder coordination, contract reviews, and more.

In Conclusion

If your desire to sell and move is hindered by a lack of suitable homes, connect with a local real estate agent. Explore various options, including the array of newly built homes available in your area. Your dream home might be a new construction away.


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