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A Timeline for Selling Your Home

Selling your home requires careful planning and preparation. To begin, choose an optimal month to list your house using the Owner Dashboard, which analyzes local home sales data. Two months before listing, research your local market by exploring comparable properties and visiting open houses. Consider hiring a real estate agent and discuss potential fixes or remodeling work. Four weeks prior to listing, start making your house presentable by painting, fixing cosmetic issues, and decluttering. Additionally, consider packing personal items and notifying neighbors about your plans.

Two to three weeks before listing, gather your mortgage payout information and address any liens on the property. Keep cleaning and decluttering, following staging advice if provided by an agent. One week before listing, take high-quality photos or hire a real estate photographer. Ensure the house looks its best, with no clutter and ample natural light. Write an engaging description that highlights the attractive features of your home.

On the listing day, ensure your agent lists the property on major online platforms or, if selling on your own, post the listing as a For Sale by Owner. Maintain a perpetually clean state in your home, anticipating potential buyers' visits. Every morning, make the beds and be prepared to leave the house at short notice. Actively monitor feedback from showings and be open to adjusting the price if necessary, especially in a competitive market. Remember, the sooner you sell, the better chance of securing a higher price. Stay responsive to market feedback during the early stages of selling.


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