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2024 Housing Market Insights with MBA Economist Mike Fratantoni

In a recent webinar hosted by MBS Highway Live, industry experts gathered to dissect the anticipated trends and challenges facing the real estate sector in 2024. Megan Anderson and Barry Habib welcomed Mike Fratantoni, Chief Economist of the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA), to provide key insights into the housing market forecast, interest rate environment, inflation impacts, geopolitical concerns, and more.

Housing Market Forecast

Despite the challenges of 2023, the housing market has showcased resilience, with home prices expected to maintain an upward trajectory of 3-4% annually. This growth is attributed to an enduring undersupply of homes in the market, exacerbated by pandemic effects.

Fratantoni notes the surprising market resilience, especially in light of doubled mortgage rates, which were anticipated to curb transaction volumes and depress home prices.

Interest Rate Environment in 2024

Lower interest rates are anticipated to fuel home buying activity, with a rising demand for cash-out refinances as individuals aim to leverage their home equity. Fratantoni stresses the importance of educating clients on the long-term benefits of homeownership, despite short-term interest rate fluctuations. He highlights the necessity for mortgage professionals to stay abreast of market trends and policy decisions to effectively serve their clients.

Inflation and Supply Chain Impact

Analysts foresee potential impacts on inflation and supply chain disruptions, discussing the intricacies of monetary policy decisions and their repercussions across economic sectors. Concerns arise regarding potential delays in home purchases as buyers await lower mortgage rates, emphasizing the interdependence of economic indicators, monetary policy, and consumer behavior.

Geopolitical Concerns

Geopolitical uncertainties and their potential global decision-making ramifications are also addressed. Fratantoni expresses apprehensions about geopolitical tensions, particularly citing the situation at the Texas border. This segment underscores the significance of remaining informed to make educated decisions amidst uncertainty.

Navigating the complexities of the 2024 housing market requires insights from industry experts like Mike Fratantoni. Despite challenges and uncertainties, the housing market's resilience underscores its pivotal role as a cornerstone of the economy. By staying informed and adaptable, industry professionals can better serve their clients and contribute to the continued growth and stability of the real estate sector.


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