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Gen Z's priorities lie with pets not partners in home searches: Survey

A recent survey has revealed that Gen Z's priorities are shifting when it comes to home searches. Rather than prioritizing finding a home with a partner or family in mind, Gen Z is putting their pets first.

According to the survey, over 80% of Gen Z homebuyers prioritize finding a pet-friendly home over finding a home with a partner in mind. This shift in priorities is likely due to the increasing number of young adults who are choosing to delay marriage and family planning.

In addition to prioritizing pet-friendly homes, Gen Z is also more likely to prioritize outdoor space and home office space. The pandemic has greatly impacted the way we live and work, and it seems Gen Z is taking these changes into consideration when searching for a home.

While the priorities of Gen Z may be different from previous generations, it's important for the real estate industry to take note and adapt to these changes. Understanding the needs and wants of Gen Z can help real estate professionals better serve this growing demographic of homebuyers.


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